Ada Broker London
Company History
Ada Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage, was established by CEO  and owner Nejat Şehsuvar in 1996. Throughout his 35 years old career; he worked as a vice chairman for 6 years and as a chairman for 4 years in The Insurance Intermediary Association. In this period of time, he took charge in The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. Nejat Şehsuvar was an assembly man in the Proffesional Committee of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and he was an expert in the Justice Commission and Industry-Tehcnology-Commerce Commission within the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He has lots of articles and interviews that are  publised in the most popular journals of the insurance sector. All of his works and contributions are crowned with performance awards.
Adabroker has opened other 2 sites to improve its service and quality of service. In 2007 has been established by Adabroker. polı ıs a sıte where ındıvıduals and  groups are able to search ınsurance quotes by fıllıng the related  forms.
In 2015 has been established for foreign residents live in Turkey. This site provides service for Health, Housing and Car insurance.
Adabroker is part of your family who can trust and ask for anything about insurance you need.