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What Are The Advantages To Get A Service From An Insurance Broker?
Insurance Broker; after working on the necessary risk planing for it's client, is an intermediary firm which plays an active role in constructing the most adeguate insurance programe by determining risk management models, searching the insurance market for it's client, protecting it's clients' rights and benfits.

The basic difference between a broker and an agency; brokers, on behalf of it's clients, bargain with insurance companies and try to provide the best protection with a moderate price by being totally indipendent from insurance companies. This is the reason why the professional imdennity is compulsory for brokers.

The regulation of Insurance Brokers which determine broker's working principles entered into force in December 1994 by the Undersecretariat of Treasury of the Turkish Republic. Our company is one of the first companies in Turkey to get this licence from the Treasury in 9 February 1996.
Ada Broker issues the insurance policy by making analysis, collecting information about clients and  evaluating these in an effective way. Besides, we help to our clients in the time of damage.

Even the insurance institutions and organizations could have some difficulties in determining the risk that they have to insure even if they have the knowledge about the insurances for many years. The risk management have be done by a specilized institution and personnel that have to decide which risk to buy or not and tell the details about the risk to the insurance companies.

ADA BROKER, further the basic informations that have been listed above, is also undertakes the function of a  Reinsurance Broker. Therefore, by taking into consideration it's clients' insurance necessity, it makes price analysis in reinsurance markets and offers to the insurance companies the reinsurance sources to issue the best policy in a preferable conditions. Our company represents it's clients in case of damages, provides full information about their rights and obligations, takes sides with clients and ensure the claim payment in a shortest time.

In addition to these, it presents duble guarantee/assurance to you thanks to the statutary obligation of the liability imdennity.