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Ada Broker London
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Adabroker Reinsurance is one of the first reinsurance broker in Turkey. We provide reinsurance service for 20 years in Turkish market with  working Lloyds Market in England.

Who is Lloyds?

Lloyd's is not a company; it's a market where the members join together as syndicates to insure risks of other insurance companies. Our Reinsurance department works on 2 methods of reinsurance:
Facultative Reinsurance, we negotiate separately for each insurance policy that is reinsured. Thıs polıcıes have theır own ındıvıdual rısks or unusual rısks that treatıes don't cover or ınsuffıcıantly cover them.

Treaty Reinsurance, we work on a treaty which  the ceding company and the reinsurer negotiate and execute a reinsurance contract  for it. With this contract, reinsurer covers the specified shares of all  the insurance policies issued by the ceding company within the scope of contract.