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Jewelery Insurance
Jewellery Insurance
Jewelry Package (Jewellers Block), due to content is a kind of fire insurance. The difference from other Fire Insurances; is the precious commodity. The product specially prepared only for the JEWELRY STORES; Is so-called < < All Risks > > to cover all risks. . For this reason, the insurer must specify all the risks that are out of covarage. If there is any risk is out of covarage is not specified, this means that the damage will be covered under the policy conditions. In the Fire policy; Burglary, robbery, Shoplifting, Snatching,, substitution and accidental damage to the property will be assured. Thus, this product protects  valuable stocks, the goods left out of the night safe, the domestic or overseas bags and cash transportation, consignment and showcase goods, furniture, inventory, against  fire, lightning, explosion, flood that could-flood, earthquake, theft, harm.